Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What am I reading now?

Right now I am finishing up The Fear: The Enemy is Gathering by Charlie Higson.  He also wrote The Dead.
This book takes place in London after an illness has gone through the country and turned everyone sixteen and older into what the kids call sickos.  A sort of zombie in the sense that they are covered in boils and have limited mental capabilities.  In the first book we follow a group of private school boys into the city after their school is overrun.  Now, in this book we follow a few of the characters as they travel through the city looking for other kids.  It is sort of a Lord of the Flies for the zombie lover.  This book talks a lot about rebuilding and how kids are stepping up to face the new world but also how each has a very different view of how the future will unfold under their leadership. 

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