Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On my Bookshelf

Since I primarily read from my kindle it's easy to see my bookshelf!  My husband bought me a kindle because I long ago ran out of room on my shelves and began stacking books on the floor like an old lady with too many cats.  I even donate books and still have too many.  So kindle is my answer to over crowding.  :)  You can look at my book reviews and get a good idea of my taste in books.  I primarily read YA but will throw a good adult book in for good measure.  I love Cassandra Clare and am working my way through the Clockwork Angel series after reading the mortal instruments.  I tend to steer clear of Fantasy only because I find it difficult to visualize a land I have never been.  So I am probubly the only person left on the planet that has not read Harry Potter.  I like books that look at how the world might change, like the Fear book I am finishing, Lockdown, Wool by Hugh Howey, Deliruim by Laura Oliver.  I get really excited when someone takes a new turn on the end of the world or government trying to take over.


  1. You're not alone -- that statement referring to having not read "Harry Potter", having stacks of books like a cat lady, and being unable to visualize unfamiliar lands.

    Regarding the first, I may get around to reading the series once the popularity dies down. (So in about, what, a century or so?)

    The second, I don't want to change; e-readers may be convenient (for those of us technology doesn't hate), but my exclusive love affair with physical books is still going strong.

    And the third is why I can't read Steampunk; all these descriptions of elaborate gadgets, and my poor inner eye can't get a handle on any of it!

  2. My hubby bought me my Kindle b/c of lack of space in our house for more books too:-)