Friday, July 15, 2016

welcome back to me

I started this blog as I was embarking on a huge change in my life...a move to a new state, and let me tell you life just got away from me.  My new job has its challenges, my relationship with my husband has grown and changed, my kids lives have tips and turns, all I can say is wow.

My husband and I have been in this new city for almost a year and currently I am packing the house up again to move into a little home we will call our own. This decision has been tough. You see we moved to Montana and right away my husband thought we would move to some property and get some animals and off we would go into Big Sky Country. Well we found the property and bought it. The location was great because it would get me closer to work, which is relative seeing as my commute is an hour each way but it was a few minutes closer. But then the issues began. The buyers for our house back home backed out (A story for another post) and our dream house began to be a million dollar challenge. Every which way we turned it wasn't working out for us. The cost was just much more than we wanted.  So we sat back and listened to the words our pastor told us.  Move forward until God puts something in your path.  Three times we moved forward and each time BAM we were stopped. We knew we had to think of another direction. We had to reassess what was important and low and behold a house just up the block from us went up for sale. It was definitely in our price range and almost exactly like out rental but  little nicer. We loved the neighborhood and nothing much in our lives would change because HEY is was a block away from our current home. So as we tend to do, we jumped on it. And God said WHOA hold those horses and put up a road block. So low and behold we found this other little home. One that makes us really think about each item we keep and again purge useless "stuff". There have been no road blocks. This has been smooth sailing and we truly believe this is the path God has set us on.

New release

The third book in the 1000 Moments series has been released!  Yippeee