Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hearing from my readers makes me so happy

Omg.... connie!!! So... I am hooked on raven and Doogie please tell me there will be more!!! Unfortunately I didn't realize I skipped book #2, so I read 1 then 3. Anyway, you have a fabulous gift of writing for sure. I typically dont read "war stories" but I am so glad I took a chance on this series! Im not a blood and gore reader. I'm pretty much only a christian fiction reader. I think you've done a glorious job in making war real without being overly .... hmmm, descriptive? Gorey? Whatever the word is I'm trying to find? And then to realize it is my kind of genre anyway, double... triple... yay!!!
I think you've done a beautiful job! With the characters. With raven and Doogie. (I dont like her mom tho 😠). with getting to the reality of war. War isn't pretty. I'm sure there is lots we never hear about that really happens over there.
I'm hoping their story continues! I want to read about the miracle of them having little ones! Of Doogie NOT going back over! Of how raven and Doogie overcome their trauma together! Albeit not easily and with bumps. How raven NEVER turns his back on Sawyer. That Doogie will embrace her beauty, scars and all and accept the beautiful love that Raven gives her, unconditionally. Please, please tell me there will be a 4!!! 5, 6, 7? Lol
I'm hooked and love your style♡♡