Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blog Post 5

So I am failing to do this challenge day by day but I am trying to do weekly.  Todays post is "My Guilty Pleasure." 
Basically I don't really have one...unless cookies counts.  I have a weakness for cookies.  Especially ones with frosting.  So let's say this counts as a guilty pleasure, then Mrs. Fields Cookies is at the top of the list. Not just the regular old cookie, though. I love when they put two cookies together with frosting in the middle.  I can't eat it in one sitting but who wants to.  Something so yummy should be spread over a few days.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

day four of my blog challenge

Number four on my blog challenge post is my earliest childhood memory.  I have to say that I can't really say what my earliest memory is but a part of my life that stands out is when I was seven.  I had an older friend, she was eleven, and she got me in a ton of trouble.  I guess you could say the tough years for my mom were my sevens.  :)  We pretended to shop lift, I wanted to be called Tony ( shrugs), I rode my bike under the highway and to a mall without permission, and threw rocks at some kids until one hit him and split his head open.  Oh and my friend hit my brother in the head with a baseball bat, knocking out his front teeth.  I guess these memories stick with me because it was a though time in my life and a time when I learned how to say no and stand up for myself.  My dad sat me down and told me I had a chose to make. Either tell her I couldn't be her friend anymore or get use to being grounded the rest of my life.  I marched to her house and told her I couldn't be her friend anymore.  Strange that at seven I decided how I wanted my life to go.  I didn't want to be that kid.  And to this day I don't do well with people telling me what to do or following a crowd.  I became my own person at the young age of seven and even though it has been lonely at times...I like who I became and the lessons those early years taught me.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

How did I decide on the name of my business--RAVEN BOOKS AND DESIGNS

This is a fun question for me!  The name of my business is RAVEN BOOKS AND DESIGN.  The story behind it....
Well besides the fact I tend to name my characters Raven in honor not only of my business but because of the story behind it.  So enough stalling.
I named my business RAVEN because the raven is my talisman.  I love Native American legends and believe I was chosen by the Raven to represent it. I was chosen by a very specific Raven when I was seven--when it attacked me!  I was minding my own business riding my trike around and WHAM!  a raven dive bombed me and began to attack.  It got wrapped up in my hair and my grandfather came and saved me. It attacked me two more times before my parents took me into out cabin.  The Raven banged against the windows trying to get in...until my dad beat it with a tennis racket.  Okay bad ending for the story.
So I feel a connection to Ravens and named my business after them  I wear a raven necklace and a vial of sacred sand from the Navajo Reservation in honor of my talisman.

Friday, January 2, 2015


On my list of 31 blog it TWENTY THINGS ABOUT ME  yeah!!!
January 2nd and on to my first blog post for 2015!  To start the year off I am going to make a list of 20 things about me!
I will try not to repeat things I have already touched on....
1. I have written 6 books. Three are already out and I have two releases in March
2. I write under a pen name and under my actual name
3. I took up rock climbing this December...because my son did and if I want to hang out with him I needed to as well
4. My super power is knowing what a movie is in less than 15 seconds.  Like name that tune but with movies.
6.  I grew up in Seattle
7. I was a model for The Bon Marche (Macy's) all through high school
8. Was a model for back to school fashion shows for Seventeen Magazine
9.  I was Ms. Washington and participated in the Ms. America pageant in Florida a week after 9/11
10. I was in the top ten in the Ms. America pageant
11.  I modeled lingerie in the middle of a store in front a bunch of boys from my high school who found out I was there.  EMBARASSING!
12.  I speak Spanish fluently
13.  I love my dogs almost as much as I love my kids
14.  I married my soul you babe
15.  My favorite place to vacation is Moab Utah
16.  I like to ski but I am not very good at it
17.  I am a teacher
18.  I didn't speak at school until I was in the fourth grade (I am painfully shy)
19. I almost died from a staph infection in my head and had three surgeries before I was free of the infection
20.  I am allergic to everything tough there but I think it is mostly new info.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!