Thursday, January 8, 2015

How did I decide on the name of my business--RAVEN BOOKS AND DESIGNS

This is a fun question for me!  The name of my business is RAVEN BOOKS AND DESIGN.  The story behind it....
Well besides the fact I tend to name my characters Raven in honor not only of my business but because of the story behind it.  So enough stalling.
I named my business RAVEN because the raven is my talisman.  I love Native American legends and believe I was chosen by the Raven to represent it. I was chosen by a very specific Raven when I was seven--when it attacked me!  I was minding my own business riding my trike around and WHAM!  a raven dive bombed me and began to attack.  It got wrapped up in my hair and my grandfather came and saved me. It attacked me two more times before my parents took me into out cabin.  The Raven banged against the windows trying to get in...until my dad beat it with a tennis racket.  Okay bad ending for the story.
So I feel a connection to Ravens and named my business after them  I wear a raven necklace and a vial of sacred sand from the Navajo Reservation in honor of my talisman.

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