Monday, July 16, 2012

BLOG FEST CONTINUES! First paragraphs of YA novel: If You Only Knew

Continuing into the second week of the Buccuneer Blog fest and we are on to giving followers a glimpse of finished novels and Works in Progress.  The following is my completed novel If You Only Knew.  This is the story of a girl who escapes an abusive realationship only to discover no one is  who she thought they were.  Attempting to start over she is thrust into the Native American legend of the Skinwalkers, male witches who want to steel her soul.  With the help of native warriors she begins a fight to not only save herself  but to open herself up to love again

The door to my locker was closed tight but a sweet floral scent drifted from the vent. I knew roses sat inside.  Where most girls would swoon at the prospect of flowers, the reason behind these made me shutter.
The conversation with Luke the night before had not gone how I’d wanted.  I just needed space.  Why couldn’t he understand that? He was suffocating me with all his rules.  I reached up, lightly touching my neck. Hidden under my high collar was the bruise from where his hand had pressed firmly against my throat.  A painful reminder that he had not agreed. 


  1. How interesting! I feel bad for her, and already you've got key details of an abusive relationship clear just by this. (: Awesome!

  2. Ooo! I feel her pain and her fear. Nice intro for sure. :)