Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet the characters! Today is your chance to meet Doogie and Tahk from LET MY LIFE BE PROOF

I have to start by saying how thankful I am that Doogie and Tahk took the time to talk to me.  Thanks guys, I know when you get a break from patrolling you like to rest it means a lot to our readers to get some insight into your lives..

Doogie: Not a problem.  I'm usually working in the hospital when were in base.
Tahk laughs:  Yeah no rest for the weary.

Question 1: So Doogie I know your name was given to you because you basically skipped high school and graduated with a Doctorate at 16.  Have you ever actually seen the show?

Doogie:  No. I'm too young to have seen it.  Besides as you said I've been pretty busy studying and then not a lot of television ops here.

Tahk: But we did upload an episode just so she could see her name sake.
Doogie: Yeah that was fun.  She shakes her head and laughs.  I couldn't believe it was the guy from How I Ment Your Mother.  Now that show I know. 

Question 2: Do you like the nickname?

Doogie:  She smiles and looks at Tahk.  If I liked it they wouldn't call me it.  It's crazy the stupid names they come up with.

Question 3: Tahk you don't have a nickname?

Tahk:  Nope.

Question 3: Being only eighteen has it been hard to be a part of some of the missions you've been on?  Aren't you scared?

Doogie:  Yeah I'm always scared but when it's all happening you get tunnel vision and just do your job.  Besides that's what Tahk's there for.  He's my personal guard.  He's suppose to watch my back.  I'm not that much younger than the boys out here.  I just have more education.  It's hard on all the guys.  We went from High school football games to front lines.

Question 4: Tahk you complain a lot that Doogie takes off and you have a hard time watching her back.  Also do you have a p.g. because you're a girl or does all medics have one?

Doogie interrupts before he can answer:  I go where the men need me it isn't my fault that Tahk isn't paying attention.  All medics have p.g.'s.  They use to wear helmets and vest with big white crosses on them and we were suppose to be off limits in a battle.  We don't wear that anymore.  It was more of a target in this war.

Tahk shakes his head.:  There is always a lot going on and it's difficult to keep track of her.  I complain more to give her a hard time.  She has skills.  She doesn't need me with her every minute.  Although most of the time I know where she is, just not sitting right on top of her.

Question 5: Tahk this one's for you.  You tend to say a lot of suggetive things to Doogie.  Do you have secret feelings for her.

Tahk lets out a huge laugh, holding his stomach:  No.  No!  She's like my little sister.  I just do it to hassle her.
Doogie:  I ignore him most of the time.

Question 6:  So there is implication in the first chapters of the book that your commanding officer has some feelings for you.  What can you tell us about that?

Tahk: Yeah Raven has the hots for me.  What can I say?

Doogie: I think she was talking to me. 

Tahk:  He isn't suppose to have feelings for her.  Tahk gives Doogie a look

Doogie:  Raven and I get close.  But we are in a military situation so finding love not only is difficult in  stressful surroundings but there is the issue of rank as well.  I guess the readers will have to dive in to see if we are able to figure it out.

Tahk:  Not gonna happen.

Doogie shrugs and gives me a wink.
I guess we will have to read the YA Novel Let My Life Be Proof to find out if there love can overcome the barriers of war and rank.

Tahk: Yeah it can't.

I laugh.  Not much of a romantic is he.

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  1. I really liked the voice in your characters and this interview was very convincing. Nice work! I enjoyed meeting "them."

  2. it was great meeting your characters, I think all my character from Insane Reno would be doing right now is celebrating due to just being let loose on the world and perhaps in Jem's case getting a bit big headed due to his popularity with the ladies.
    I might have to try doing interviews with them at a later date thought. thanks for sharing love and hugs Joss.