Friday, January 18, 2013

Sometimes Never By: Cheryl McIntyre

I have to say again I simply love the way my new kindle puts a scroll bar of "If you liked that book you might like this one" at the bottom of the page.  So that is how I found this one.  Sometimes Never is told in alternating view points, which although I sometimes get confused and have to go back to see who is actually talking, I am beginning to really like.  I especially enjoy seeing the other point of view when it is a guys.  This story follows Hope and Mason.  Two characters I liked from the get go.  Hope lost her mom and never really had a dad.  Her mom was a pretty cruddy mom and she had some disturbing experiences with the men that frequented the house.  So she is a pretty flawed character who uses cutting to cope.  She has a great support system with either an aunt or uncle or foster parents, I was kind of confide on what exactly they were.  Anyway the teenage boy, Guy that lives with them is great.  He is written as a gay man but that is just a tidbit of info that never drives the story but does explain how he could be so close to Hope without the other boys freaking out.  Mason, although he seems to have a somewhat stable home life, has moved a lot since his Dad was murdered.  He uses sex as a coping method until he finds Hope.  f I could make one compliant, although at no the did I feel it hindered the story, but I would have liked to have gone deeper into Mason's issues.  HAve your father murdered is huge and although it was clear he was promiscuous it could have entered into a more conflicted character and might have supported the way he felt like he wasn't enough for Hope when they faced her cutting.  Although I loved the characters I have to say my true love was for Chase a secondary character who in my opinion had the best lines in the book.  I love boy bickering!  I think the way men communicate is fascinating and love good dialogue that shows that.  This book delivered.  It was a quick read and I was enthralled the entire time.  I hope the author continues to write.I give it 4 stars!

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