Sunday, January 20, 2013

L.A. Fiore: Beautiful Damaged

This book is a combination of Fifty Shades and a few other books that have reached the for front of the book stores lately.  Using the format of the damaged man and the meek girl that tries to save them.  This one is definitly tamer than the Fifty books and leaves the mature content to a minimum.  What I really liked about this book is a mystery aspect that comes through after the romance is solidified.  They discover that they have a past that is intertwined and a future that is uncertain until they figure out the past.  I thought the writing for the most part was strong and I thought the author did a good job of giving the female character, Ember a back bone when standing up for herself.  I appreciated that Ember didn't down grade herself as not being good enough for Trace and didn't constantly go on about being afraid of losing him.  She was aware of his past but put the potential of them drifting apart on Trace and not her short comings. 

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