Sunday, January 20, 2013

Is there such thing as too many fingers in the pot?

Yes!  I think there is.  Since I started writing I have struggled with finding a beta reader that is willing to stick with me through a manuscript so I have had to find other ways to get opinions of my writing.  In doing so I have joined many blog hops and taken every opportunity to get my first pages looked at.  I don't change everything that is mentioned, but I do take common complaints into account and change what I feel will make my writing better.  Over the last six months I have improved my piece and I think I have improved my own writing by helping others with theirs.  But when does it become too many opinions?  What do you do when you finally have a piece that overall is getting good feedback, but then a few agents look at it and complain about the very things you changed and wish it had more of what you edited out?  The pendulum swings to the right and then swings to the left.  Do I go back and put the ideas back in or do I trust the help I got and wait for an agent that likes what I have.  When does the piece stop even being mine and turns into just a lesson on revision?  When is it time to put it on the shelf and accept the fact that this manuscript isn't ever going to get there? 

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