Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire

I was directed to this book after purchasing similar books on Amazon. (I love that feature) 
It is an inexpensive kindle book and I would have paid full price.  It had a good story with great characters.
Abby is the main character who had left her Kansas home to attend a small college far away from her past.  She is drawn into an underground fight club by her best friends boyfriend.   Ans as expected...she falls for the fighter.  The turmoil comes when her past comes past to haunt her and she is faced witht he fact she may be heading straight back to the life she tried so hard to escape.
At times I wanted to take the book and smack the characters in the head and Yell!  Talk to eachother!  But I felt the obsessive behaviors and chaotic emotions the characters expressed where spot on for that age group. 
Was a quick read and recommend it.  Definitly for the older YA.

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