Saturday, February 11, 2012

That's YAmore blogfest

Here's my entry
“Your power is strong, Emma.  You’ll need it soon.”  He kissed my forehead.  “But right now you need my gift.”
Slowly and deliberately Solomon began to kiss my shoulders, turning me so he could run his fingers lightly over the bruises on my back.  I could feel the warmth of his touch become more intense as he transferred the wounds of my body to his own.   His kiss, his touch, sent shivers through me, taking all my worries and fears away.   As if I was floating on a cloud, he turned me again.  This time, he placed his mouth over mine for a long soul stirring kiss.
“I think you should watch those healing skills of yours,” I laughed.
“It isn’t my usual healing style.”  He smiled mischievously.  “It’s my touch that heals. I thought I would try something different this time,” he spoke as he continued to trail kisses across my shoulders.
“Well I give this technique high marks but have to wonder how the older men would like it,” I stuttered, trying to keep my thoughts coherent.
“Yeah, I like it too.”  I felt him smile against my bare skin.  “But I will reserve it for you.”
            “Does it hurt you?”
            “Not as much as it does you.” His hands moved softly over my bare arms.  I watched as the bruises appeared on his, then slowly faded away.


  1. Ooh! Nice and intriguing. Well done. :)

  2. Oh, love the buildup! Great tease!

  3. *sigh* I could get into this kind of healing.

  4. Hmm, very intriguing. Loved the light banter and the sensuality.

  5. Wow, kisses that can literally heal. Would be a great thing in a guy.

  6. I love that he heals her with kisses. So romantic.