Sunday, February 26, 2012

Change of Pace

Although I have downloaded the fourth book of the Mortal Instrument Series, I have not begun to read it.  I gave my son the book The Lone Survivor, by Marcu Littrell, a few months ago.  I heard about it on Twitter.  Kiowa Gordon, from Twilight fame, recommended it as the best book he had read.  Seeing as he is a boy, and the same age as my son I thought it might be a good fit.  Not to mention my son is a Navy Seal Fan. My son begged me to read it so we could talk about it, so off I go... I am not done with the book yet but moving through it quickly.  The writing is surprisingly good for an author that's first job is to defend our country.  He has a voice that draws you into the story and adds a bit of humor and light political views.  The only negative I have is that he tells the reader everywhere they are going and names many Taliban leaders.  I am not familiar with the middle east and have difficulty with the names so tend to skim those areas and get to the characters.  I will keep you up dated on my final thoughts.

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