Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Lucky!!!  I have to count my blessings lately because I have read one great book after another for the last couple of weeks.  I absolutely loved this book...and again give it 5 barbells for getting me up and to the gym...although I admit I crawled into bed and read for two hours one night because I was so engrossed with these characters I didn't want them to go.  First I have to say besides the incredible writing and dialogue (those of you who follow me know I am a sucker for dialogue) this book also took place in the 80's!  I was in high school at the same time a these characters and felt so connected to the music references and the struggle with identity.  Park, one of the main characters is of korean and american decent and struggles with who he actually is.  While Eleanor is a red headed, "big" girl (at least that is what she calls herself) She feels ugly and her home life is a mess!  But somehow while riding the school bus Park and Eleanor form a connection and fall in love. They try to help each other with acceptance of who they are and learn how to not let go of the good things because of the bad. This is a sweet and sometimes heart breaking book but one I know will stay with me until I am able to be immersed in another good book.  Sure fire 5 stars.

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