Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Got back into the gym which means I GET TO READ!

Going to the gym for me doesn't only mean I am being honest when I go to the doctor and he asks me if I exercise, what it means is I get an hour, YES! an HOUR of uniterrupted time to READ!  Yeah!

So I was lucky enough to win a copy of EVER, from Jenna Russo herself after she chose the title of my NaNaMo manuscript as her favorite in a blog hop.  By the way the title was Screamers.

Anyway, I zipped through it in no time.

REVIEW OF EVER, by Jenna Russo

Ever, is the story of a seventeen girl whose best friend Frankie died in a car accident, but has chosen to stay with her in her house instead of moving on. Frankie has been in her house for two years and Ever is kind of hitting her limit with her pent up feelings.  She's holding onto a love she knows she can't have while longing for a real life, solid, boyfriend.  But as we all know...be careful what you wish for. I do not usually read ghost stories so was curious how I would like this one.  Well I loved it and I am frustrated that I went to Jenna's blog and saw her word-o-meter and discovered she isn't done with the sequel yet.  Ah! 

The story draws you in from the get go.  The writing is great and the banter between the characters is entertaining.  The over all story is suspenseful, you know that something is up with the hot new neighbor and you want to yell out for her to stay far away from him but you aren't sure why.  Toby and Frankie, the boys in the book are decribed in a way that I wanted to know them.  I was a little jealous that Ever had two hot, caring guys drooling over her.  This book has twists and turns and builds the tension adding conflict with a variety of characters and always having that tension fall back to Ever having to deal with it.  Even though the ending sets up a perfect sequel it didn't leave me hanging in a way that I felt I had unanswered questions...well I do but so does Ever so I guess we will suffer together until the sequel comes out.
Definitly recommend this for you book shelf.

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