Monday, November 5, 2012

Ryan Winfield: South of Bixby Bridge

So I found this book on the side of my Facebook page.  I didn't realize someone could advertise their book there but Hey! it got me to go find it on amazon and put it on my kindle.
This is an adult book with very adult topics.  Primarily about a man who has just finished rehab and is looking for a way back into the world.  I liked the book and had a hard time putting it down.  Very vivd language and description and I actually felt really bad for the guy and wanted to yell "Stop!  Don't do it! Things will get better!"  What I found odd was the style of writing.  It was written in a "tell voice"  as if the author, or the guy is telling us the entire list of events.  It actually is only the span of a few weeks and it seems like a lot longer.  He will write....and then so and so said.  Instead of actually having them say it.  Not a quotation in sight.  At first I thought, how in the world did a publisher let him get by with that?  They are always harping on show don't tell.  Well he does show and the farther into the book I got the more I realized how important that it was down this way.  It is really like he is telling this story of the horrible path he is going down.
I would recommend this for a reader of a bit more steamy novels.  I found the writing style interesting and the events believable.  It was refreshing to read a coming to terms with yourself book from a man's point of view.

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  1. Hi Connie. Thank you for this well-written and thoughtful review of my novel. It made me proud to stumble on it today.
    Ryan Winfield.