Friday, June 22, 2012

The Declaration by Gemma Malley

This book follows the premise that many books these days do.  The world has found the secret to living forever but have also discovered that having children would cause over population.  By sixteen people are asked to sign the declaration and they begin to take longevity drugs.  At sixteen they are also promising to not have children.  Parents can discontinue taking the drugs in order to have a child but if they choose to continue to take the drugs the children are taken away to a home and called Surplus.  While in the home they are convinced that they are bad and sucking the resources from those that deserve to live.  They are trained as slaves and treated poorly.  Ana, the main character has beleived all she has been taught and is just happy to have the opportunity to pay back the dept of her parents.  Convinced that they were evil and working against nature for having her, Ana hates them.  When Peter appears and tells her he knows her parents and convinces her all she knows are lies, Ana begins to believe that there is a chance for her to have a life.  As the story progresses characters are connected like dots until the past is unraveled and the future layed out in front of the characters.  I look forward to finding the sequel and following these characters.

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