Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

Another YA about the termoil of chooseing between two boys.  These boys however turn out to be best friends and cousins.  I enjoyed this light read.  The character development was good and I did very much become attached to the main character of Ash and the bad boy of Beau.  The only part that I am hesitant to recommend is the redudant mention of how she was a "good girl" but really was "bad" on the inside. I think that the author could have delved deeper into her feelings and used stronger adjectives to explain why she felt the way she did.  A lot of social complication could have been played out with her being a preachers daughter and high expectations.  It kind of reminded me of Footloose, in a very basic way, of course dancing wasn't a part of it.  Overall it has some twists and turns that kept me reading and was a quick and fun read for sitting in the sun on my porch.

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