Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mortal Instruments: City of Souls by Cassandra Clare

How I love these books!  I finished this book with mixed feelings.  On one hand I wanted to see it all end with a neat and tidy bow, happily ever after, but then oh how I wanted there to be loose ends so I would know she is writing more.  And I beleive that there will be more!  The story is picked up right after the previous book and takes on a ride to ride Jace and figure out how he and Sebastian aka Jonathon escaped. Sebastian and Kyle's characters are developed more as well as Alec and Magnus.  Jace was not himself in theis book and I missed his quick wit, although Simon tried to pick it up.  A lot goes on this time around and as characters are added it gets tough to follow who is who and who is doing what but I LOVE following each of them on thier journey.  I can not recommend this series more than I already have.  Once you read the first one you will be hooked for the long hall!

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