Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What I am learning

I wanted to put what I've learned but it is an ongoing process so how can it be past tense.  This summer I have been blessed beyond words to get included in a summer blog tour.  Not only have I had a chance to meet some awesome authors but I have learned a ton!  Where I didn't think Washington State had much to offer in the way of author knowledge...I was wrong.  The thing is...and this is something that comes up again and again when we do our how do you connect?  It seems on social media it is easier to connect to people who live in other states and even countries, but how do you connect in your own back yard?  I am a member of a writer's group in my town and they are all nice people but they write out of my genre which makes sharing chapters rough.  They also, in a general statement, don't want to open up and share their journey in the publishing world.  As if admitting they self published makes them less than an author while I sit next to them wanting to know how they did it.  I think what I am learning is we all need to be open to help each other and get out their so others can find us.  Find us in a world where we don't have to spend a ton of money to sit in a conference but instead share a cup of coffee or a cupcake.  Author coffee shop, that is what we should call it.  Just bring your knowledge and questions and check your insecurities and any uppity attitude at the door and lets sit down and chat!

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