Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not my usual post

I don't usually post personal messages but I have been busy getting back to work as a teacher and then 7 days into the school year our city caught on fire.  The school I teach at is right below the larger fire.  The fires have worked there way up and over the hills and spread out to the side.  Our beautiful valley is filled with smoke and no one is suppose to go outside.  The students have been inside for recess due to poor air quality.  On an air quality scale that goes to 500...we are at 498.  All school sports have been canceled and beusinesses have been asked to close.  People are walking around with masks on.  It all started with a crazy lightening storm.  The weather doesn't seem to be in our favor and the fires are expected to flare up again this weekend.  My community is pretty small but we have pulled together and there were so many donations made to the fire fighters that they actually asked the community to stop donating how crazy is that!  I think I feel an inspiration to write a book about the fire fighters that have come from across the country to help us out! 

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