Friday, August 3, 2012

When you see your characters on the street

The blogfest got me thinking about my characters and I thought, since I am in the middle of a book and don't have a review I'd talk about characters.  You see...I actually saw Solomon, the love interest in my book If You Only Knew.  Of course I don't know if his name was Solomon, but he is who the character is based on.  My family was vacationing in Monument Valley.  Staying at Gouldings Hotel, on the Navajo Nation.  It was five years ago, yes that is how long I have been working on my book.  My kids were swimming and needed towels so I was sent off to the hotel office to retrieve them and there HE was.  Of course at the time I didn't look at him and say WOW that is going to be my main characters love interest, but it was a person that stuck with me.  I find myself always looking for people to represent my characters.  Either on t.v. or in magazines...even the mall.  I am always searching for my characters.  It helps me visualize my story when I can see their faces.  Tonight I went to a movie and there was a preview of a movie about an author whose character comes to life.  Wouldn't that be awesome if it could actually happen.


  1. It would be so awesome if our characters could come to life, I like to imagine that after I am done with my characters and their stories, that they continue to live on in another world somewhere, like an alternative universe lol.
    That way I don't feel so bad when there story is finished, as it doesn't quite feel like the end.

  2. I'm always looking around for characters, too. When I find one, I usually get all giddy and shaky. Kinda like I do when I'm writing a scene I love after inspiration strikes. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this!